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$0.01 to $24.99  -  $4.75
$25.00 to $49.99  -  $6.00
$50.00  to $74.99-  $7.25
$75.00 to 124.99 - $8.00
$125.00 to $149.99 - $9.25
$150.00 & Up - $10.00
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$200.00 & Up - $32.00

Fly Tyers Dungeon (FTD)
Box 699
Florence MT 59833

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Our Fly Tying Closeouts are listed below. These are normal size packs unless specified.

NOTE..if a drop down menu is associated with a product and it says ' Out of Stock' it means that particular color/size is out of stock and NOT necessarily all the colors/sizes.

Dubbing Grab Bag...5 different dubbings in 1/2 to 3/4 full bag. Nymph, dry fly, streamer etc. Not quite full size bags at a great price.
Price: $1.00 per 5

  Northern Lights closeout colors...These are colors FTD is closing out. I use these on many streamer patterns from trout to northern pike.
Closeout Price: $.60 per pack

Super Chenille Test... this is a slightly different approx. medium size chenille that I had a few months ago and am putting this up as a test/closeout item. There are various colors to choose from all in limited quantities.
Closeout Price: $.60 per 15' length pack

WC Gator Tails...These are 6" tails with 5 per pack. NOTE* These have a wire stainless steel core which makes the wiggle action very limited. Closeout price.
Price: $.75 per 5 pack.

"Tweener Legs" In-Between Size Bug Legs Closeout...These are an in-between size legs. In-between Mini and Baby Bug Legs. 20 colors to choose from. Over 300 7-8" strands of legs.
Price: $.60 per pack

Closeout Streamer Dubbing 4"...A coarser 4" long streamer dubbing in FULL bag.
Closeout Price...$.75 per bag

Micro Bug Legs 10 color sets...10 different colors of Micro Bug Legs (50% smaller in diameter than Mini Bug Legs). Great price and colors. Tie down to size 26.
Closeout Price...$7.50 per 10 color set

ET Glo Dub...test colors of ET Glow Dub. A 100% Glow in the Dark dubbing, use as is or mix/blend with your favorite dubbing. A very fine and soft dubbing.
Closeout Price: $.45 per bag

  Super Micro H2O Flash...A ultra fine H2O Flash (flashabou style) in silver and gold.
Closeout Price: $.60 per 400 plus 8" long strands hank

  Tinsel Braid in closeout colors (test colors)...A braided pearl tinsel braid dyed.
Closeout Price: $.25

  14-40 Bug Legs in closeout colors...My favorite Bug Legs for Streamers, and dry flies. 200 8" strands.
Closeout Price: $.60 per hank

  Hi-Float Fibers...These are old colors with the same quality. The best floating material outside of foam. Ideal for wings on dry flies and a great replacement for expensive CDC. Brush out and it comes alive.
Closeout Price: $.50 per pack

Syntho Streamer Dubbing...Nice long fiber soft material in 3.5" plus lengths. The reason it is a closeout as the raw product is unavailable at this time.
Closeout Price: $.75 per pack

  Closeout colors of Crystal Web...standard size packs in closeout, test and experimental colors. Same great quality.
Closeout Price: $.60 per pack

Closeout Synthetic Streamer Hair...experimental streamer hair in 3 x 12 bags approx. 22" overall with cable tie in the middle.
Closeout Price: $1.00 per pack

  Closeout Crystal Hair...test colors etc. Full size pack.
Closeout Price: $1.50 per pack


Fly Tyers Dungeon - Unique Fly Tying Materials and Fly Fishing Products
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