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Fly Tying Materials

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  Fly Tying Materials...
Flash & Tinsel

FTD offer various types of flash and tinsel for your fly tying needs from standard flash to FTDs unique line of tinsel and flash such as our Northern Lights, Crystal Web, Pearl Web, Tinsel Twist and our 12" long (24" overall) H2O Twist. If you into Bass, Steelhead, Trout, Panfish, Saltwater etc FTD has the tinsel for you.
Try our Northern Lights and Crystal Web.

NOTE..if a drop down menu is associated with a product and it says ' Out of Stock' it means that particular color/size is out of stock and NOT all the colors/sizes.

Black Widow Flash H2O Twist
(Color Chart Link)
Crystal Hair
(Color Chart Link)
Crystal Web
(Color Chart Link)
Northern Lights
(Color Chart Link)
Color Chart Link)
H2O Pearl Baitfish
(Color Chart Link)
Pearl Web
(Color Chart Link)
Northern Flash
(Color Chart Link)
H2O Flash
(Color Chart Link)
Tinsel Braid
(Color Chart Link)
Color Chart Link)
H2O Flash Multi-Mix
(Color Chart Link)
Tinsel Twist
Color Chart Link)

Black Widow Flash...This is black H2O Flash hanked with micro fibers. These are not twisted but straight flash and fibers making a completely different look and movement in the water. Ideal for a marabou substitute especially on Wooly Buggers as a tail. Great movement with some flash and very strong. 8" hanks - 400 strands black flash and over 1600 strands micro fibers dyed to color. Flash stays black and micro fibers takes on the dye color.
Price...$1.65 per hank

Currently On Hold
  Crystal Web...This is similar to Pearl Web with the exception of the tinsel color. Pearl Web has Pearl tinsel with dyed microfilaments and Crystal Web has clear tinsel with dyed microfilaments . This clear tinsel gives the tyer a more transparent look on various patterns, particularly when making baitfish patterns or patterns when some transparency is preferred. The colors are outstanding especially the UV-X ones (Hot)! Many colors to choose from. 1600 8"strands.
Price...$2.00 per hank

H2O Pearl Baitfish...This is a nice combination of Pearl H2O Flash and various colors. For example...Blue Baitfish is 3 pearl H2O strands to 1 blue H2O strand. This will compliment any baitfish patterns with matching baitfish flash. 8" hanks with over 1200 8" strands per hank.
Price...$1.35 per hank

  H2O Flash...This is similar to flashabou, 8" hanks, Over 1200 8" strands of flash and available in many colors at a great price.
Price...$1.35 per hank

H2O Flash Multi-Mix...These are various mixes of FOUR different color of H2O Flash (no pearl) into one ready to use hank. These are nice color combinations using many subtle flash colors. 8" hank with over 1200 8"strands.
Price...$1.35 per hank

  H2O Twist...This is similar to krystal flash except it is 10" plus long (20" plus overall) and has LOTS more flash per bag. This flash comes in a 2" x 12" bag. Pearl and Pearl Colors. If the same product in amount and length was bought in a retail outlet this would sell for well over $8.00. Colors in Pearl being added all the time.
Price...$2.25 per hank

Northern Lights...This flash is a beautiful combination of a flash that is twisted among micro fibers and then dyed. The tinsel color stays the same while the fibers take on the dye color. These are perfect for trout, bass, saltwater, steelhead, panfish, Alaska flies and more! Over 400 strands of flash and over 800 micro fibers. 8" strands. Many tinsel colors with many color combinations to choose from. Visit our Facebook and You Tube pages for tying videos using Northern Lights.
(Tinsel Colors: Silver, Gold, Black, Olive, Pink, Red, Purple, Turquoise, Copper, Aura, Olive Green)

Price...$1.35 per hank

  Pearl Web...Similar to Northern Lights except the tinsel is pearl. These are nice colors as the fibers take the dye color and the pearl remains pearl. Ideal for enhancer or use for the full fly pattern. 800 8" strands.
Price...$1.15 per hank

Tinsel Braid...A braided tinsel in Crystal and Pearl color. This is a finer mylar braid than most and lays flat when wrapped. Large to small flies as this can be stretched some. The crystal is a clear braid making the under body of the fly shine through. 10 plus feet per pack. Pearl has colors
Price...$.85 per 10'

  Tinsel Twist...New oval twisted tinsel in various  colors. 6 tinsel strands twisted together. 2 strands twisted together which gives 3 sets of 2 then these 3 sets are twisted together into one twisted strand. Can be split into 6 smaller strands for smaller flies. Great material. Use on my Bottom Dweller fly pattern. (this does have a tendency to twist back on long stands usage). 10 plus feet for $.75. A favorite body material of mine
Price...$.85 per 10'

Crystal Hair...Beautiful 13" long fiber hair. Similar to Crystal Web BUT larger/longer clear tinsel/microfilaments with a wave. Ideal for medium to large baitfish bulk and tinsel combined with a nice 'transparent' color look.
Price...$2.95 per hank

  StarBurst... made form ultra fine shredded tinsel. This is similar to other material on the market that are pure fine tinsel. We will be adding colors as they become available. High sparkle dubbing and fibers! Each bag is stuffed FULL of StarBurst.
NOTE*...The StarBurst marked Dubbing is for mainly dubbing flies and the StarBurst marked Fibers is 4" long fibers for dubbing AND streamers.

Price...$1.15 per full bag

Northern Flash...Various colors of Northern Lights mixed together. Different from Northern Lights as these are a flatter non dyed mixes/blends. 1600 8" strands of flash.
Price...$2.75 per hank

Complete Color Set...$66.00/24 colors


Fly Tyers Dungeon - Unique Fly Tying Materials and Fly Fishing Products
Box 699 - Florence MT 59833