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Fly Tying Materials

FTD Ships Via USPS Postal Service

Postal Rates:
U.S. Shipping Costs:

$0.01 to $24.99  -  $4.75
$25.00 to $49.99  -  $6.00
$50.00  to $74.99-  $7.25
$75.00 to 124.99 - $8.00
$125.00 to $149.99 - $9.25
$150.00 & Up - $10.00
International Shipping Costs:
$0.01 to $49.99  - $13.00
$50.00 to $99.99  - $17.00

100.00 to $149.99  - $20.00
$150.00 to $199.00  - $25.00
$200.00 & Up - $32.00

Fly Tyers Dungeon (FTD)
Box 699
Florence MT 59833

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  Fly Tying Materials...

The page where all other fly tying materials are listed.

NOTE..if a drop down menu is associated with a product and it says ' Out of Stock' it means that particular color/size is out of stock and NOT all the colors/sizes.

EZ Bead & Hook Tweezer
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Fish Joints
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Fish Shanks
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Fish Faces
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EZ Bead & Hook Tweezer...I have seen bead tweezers go for $8.00 to $15.00 each, These are fine pointed tweezers, 6" long and can pick up the tiniest bead and hook with ease!
Price: $1.75 per tweezer

  Fish Joints...If you want to tie 'articulated' or jointed flies these will do the job at far less the price. 4 sizes and 20 Fish Joints per bag (same size NOT mixed).
Price: $1.80 per 20 (one size per pack)

Fish Shanks...I have these in six sizes...Short 1/2", Standard 3/4", long 1", X-long 1-1/2", Ultra Long 2" and Predator Long 3" for tying large jointed baitfish for large predator fish. Great item at a great price.
Price: $2.00 per 20 pack

  Fish Faces...slide over hook eye, glue on and you have a wonderful lightweight fish head, add some Fisch Eyes for a beautiful baitfish fly pattern. Size 8.5 only at this time.
Price:...$3.00 per pack of 12

Fly Tyers Dungeon - Unique Fly Tying Materials and Fly Fishing Products
Box 699 - Florence MT 59833