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Fly Tying Materials

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Fly Tyers Dungeon (FTD)
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  Fly Tying Materials...
Synthetic Hair

FTD offer various types of synthetic hair for various types of flies from trico spinner wings to large off-shore flies FTDs line of synthetics has something for every fly tyer.

NOTE..if a drop down menu is associated with a product and it says ' Out of Stock' it means that particular color/size is out of stock and NOT all the colors/sizes.

Congo Hair
(Color Chart Link)
Water Silk
(Color Chart Link)
Congo Hair Baitfish
(Color Chart Link)
Crystal Hair
(Color Chart Link)
Congo Hair Blends
(Color Chart Link)
Big Game Hair
(Color Chart Link)
E.T. Glow Fibers
(Color Chart Link)
Big Game Hair GLOW
(Color Chart Link)
Water Mix
(Color Chart Link)

Congo Hair...A very high quality synthetic hair that sheds water and holds its shape. A nice sheen and a great color range to match your baitfish patterns and works great for parachute posts and underwings on dry flies. 10" length (20" overall) Nice full packs at a fraction of the cost of similar materials.
Price...$1.95 per hank

  Congo Hair Baitfish Blends...These are superb blends from our Congo Hair color line to match many baitfish patterns from small streamers to large blue water patterns. Customers asked for some baitfish type blends and we accommodated their requests. 10" length (20" overall)
Price...$1.95 per hank

Congo Hair Blends...These are various color blends without any thought in matching baitfish. These blends are for attractor type flies. Bright blends and very subtle blends make up these blends. 10" length (20" overall)
Price...$1.95 per hank

  E.T. Glow Fibers...These are ultra fine fibers. I have Pink, Bright Yellow, White, Lime Chartreuse, Orange, Sky Blue this time. And boy does this stuff GLOW!!!! I don't mean a little bit but I need sunglasses to look at it. I put a hank under the light for 3 seconds and shut the lights out and WOW!!! All glow in the dark are UV-X.
Price...$1.50 per hank

Water Mix...A combination of Congo Hair and Water Silk for a higher sheen hair. These are very nice color blends for all size patterns. 10" length (20" overall)
Price...$1.95 per hank

  Water Silk...A softer, finer and the highest sheen and brightness of all the synthetic hairs at FTD. Makes great small to medium baitfish patterns as well as parachute posts. 10" length (20" overall)
Price...$1.95 per hank

Crystal Hair...Beautiful 13" long fiber hair. Similar to Crystal Web BUT larger/longer clear tinsel/microfilaments with a wave. Ideal for medium to large baitfish bulk and tinsel combined with a nice 'transparent' color look.
Price...$2.95 per hank

  NEW...BIG GAME HAIR...A 20" overall wavy streamer hair in many colors. Great sheen and movement in the water. Combined with BGD CLYDE dubbing you make the ultimate in big fish streamers!
Price...$2.35 per hank

NEW...Big Game Hair GLOW...1 20" overall synthetic fly tying hair in 100% GLOW in the dark fibers. Combined with BGD-AW dubbing and you have a great baitfish pattern for those toothy critters or for small baitfish imitations on darker days.
Price: $2.35 per hank


Fly Tyers Dungeon - Unique Fly Tying Materials and Fly Fishing Products
Box 699 - Florence MT 59833