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Fly Tyers Dungeon (FTD)
Box 699
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Fly Tying Materials - Legs & Body

We offer a line of body and legs and we especially proud of our line of various legs sizes and color range. Over the years FTD has found some of the best leg material available which is far superior over rubber legs...much stronger, longer lasting, many colors and UV resistance. The legs can also be used for wrapping as a body for nymphs, bass bugs, baitfish patterns and dry flies alike. Below the material listings is a size chart of the various leg sizes offered which, hopefully, help you judge the best sizes for your tying needs.

Arctic Ice
Arctic Ice Clear
Baby Bug Back
Fish Braid
Fish Shanks
Fish Tinsel
Flexi Fish Braid
Micro Chenille
MOP Chenille
MTC Yarn
SP Pearl Bug Back
Standard Chenille
14-40 Legs
Bug Legs
Medium Legs
Micro Legs
Mini Legs
Tweener Legs


Various Bug Legs Size Comparisons
Leg sizes are compared to Bug Legs by percent
Bug Legs 100%
14-40 Bug Legs 80%
Medium Bug Legs 50%
Tweener Legs 25%
Mini Bug Legs 14%
Micro Legs 8%
Ultra Micro Legs* 4%
Atomic Legs* 2.5%
Beyond Atomic* Legs 1%

Fly Tyers Dungeon - Home of Unique Fly Tying Materials
Box 699 - Florence MT 59833