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Fly Tyers Dungeon (FTD)
Box 699
Florence MT 59833

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  Holiday Gift Boxes...

Every Christmas season rolls around FTD offers Holiday Gift Boxes in various fly tying material sets. The Christmas Box is a regular but the other Holiday Gift Boxes changes from year to year. This sets are discounted from 30 to 40% off normal FTD prices when the materials are tallied up. These make great gifts.

In the fall we offer people the chance to "Reserve" their Gift Boxes, which guarantees the opportunity to receive one or more. In Mid-October an email is sent to everyone who has reserved box/boxes with the link to purchase them. Around Nov. 10 what is left is put on this page for first come first serve as ALL gift boxes are limited in quantities.

Holiday Gift Boxes

Shipping starts Nov 10th 2019

Christmas Box 2019


2 UV-X ET Dubbing

2 KRAP Dubbing

2 NK Dubbing

2 Congo Hair

2 Croc Eyes

2 Pseudo Peacock Dubbing

2 Mini Bug Legs

2 Medium Bug Legs

2 Shuck Yarn

2 H2O Multi-Mix Flash

2 Northern Lights

2 Kraken or Kraken Enhanced Dubbing

2 Fish Shanks

2 Pearl Web

2 Arctic Snow

2 Skeeter Fuzz or Bull Frawg Dubbing

2 Baby Bug back

2 Crystal Web

2 MS Nymph or MS Bugger Dubbing

2 Crinkle Hair

2 StarBurst Fibers

1 H2O Twist

2 Leech Dubbing

Christmas Box 2019 is slightly different than last year material changes with some NEW fly tying materials developed by FTD. This is most popular Holiday Gift Box. It is LOADED with a great selection and assortment of tying materials. Every year we slightly adjust the material selection keeping the value the same. If you bought similar materials in a retail outlet you would pay over $195.00!!!
50 available

Christmas Box Price: $25.00


Mini Bug Box 2019

4 Micro Legs (NEW)
4 Skeeter Fuzz
1 Thorax Dubbing Box
3 Hi-Float Fibers
5 Atomic Leg Dubbing (NEW)
4 UV-X ET Dubbing
3 Mini Legs
2 Super Micro Tinsel (gold & silver) (NEW)

Mini Bug Box 2019
is design for tying very small flies...nymphs, dry flies, wet flies etc. NEW materials not on the web site are included in this NEW Gift Box
25 available

Mini Bug Box Price: $16.00


Prey for Predators Box 2019

6 Northern Flash
4 Gator Tail
4 Fish Shanks
4 Crystal Web
4 Crystal Hair
3 12mm Fisch Eyes
3 10mm Fisch Eyes
3 8mm Fisch Eyes
4 H2O Flash
4 Streamer Dubbing 4" long
2 H2O Twist
Prey For Predators Box 2019
is a gift box with specialized materials made for fly patterns targeting larger gamefish such as Pike, Musky, Bass, and various Saltwater species.
This is a Streamer tying box.
25 available

Prey For Predators Box Price: $42.00

  2019 Christmas Grab Bag
$20 worth of FTD materials (standard materials, tests, experiments over the last year) for only $12.50!!! A lot for a little. Ideal for the any fly tyer.
30 available
Price: $10.00



2019 Mega Fly Tying Gift Box
This is a NEW and very limited Fly Tying Holiday Gift Box.
A SUPER selection of FTD Tying materials in one big DISCOUNTED Gift Box.
Similar items in a retail outlet would cost you upwards of $1000 and more!!!
20 Mega Boxes available
Price: $145.00


  8 Congo Hair
8 Congo Baitfish Blends
6 Water Silk
8 Bug Legs
8 Medium Bug Legs
8 Mini Bug Legs
8 UV-X ET Dubbing
8 NK Dubbing
8 Crystal Web
6 Northern Lights
8 Baby Bug Back
8 Bull Frawg Dubbing
15 Fisch Eyes
6 Leech Dubbing
6 StarBurst Fibers
6 Northern Flash
4 Gator Tails
6 Super Kraken Dubbing
6 MS Nymph Dubbing
6 Psuedo Peacock Dubbing
8 Arctic Snow Dubbing
4 Fish Shanks
6 H2O Flash
4 H2O Twist
6 Tinsel Twist
2 Tinsel Braid
3 Pearl Web
2 Crystal Hair
4 Hi-Float Fibers
6 Crinkle Hair
3 Shuck Yarn
6 Super Chenille
6 Mystery Material

Fly Tyers Dungeon - Unique Fly Tying Materials and Fly Fishing Products
Box 699 - Florence MT 59833