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Fly Tyers Dungeon - Home of Unique Fly Tying Materials
Used Worldwide!

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please contact me at: or 406-396-3949

On The Drawing Board
 Pearl FIRE Flash - Arctic Flash style/size BUT has a Pearl FIRE instead of regular pearl...colors coming!
Streamer Brushes - Styles, Types & Colors


Hi-Float Fibers - Brushed out version
In Production

Bug Legs changing...regular size Bug Legs are going thru a change, NEW type and color adjusting!
Critter Craft Fur
..2" craft fur with mottled realistic animal color mixes. Beautiful!
NEW Colors of Pearl...Fl Pink, Light Purple, Bright Blue COMING MAY 16th!
Micro Minnow Flash
...ultra fine (1/200" or less) textured clear white flash and dyed colors!

New Products/Colors

Congo PLUS...slightly coarser, little stiffer with more sheen..21 colors!!!

Carp Hooks...sizes #2, #4, #6 and #8

Fish Flash...1/25" wide CLEAR and clear dyed very subtle colors.
H2O Flash NEW Holo Colors...Green, Blue, Pink & Purple 1/100" width
Mini H2O Twist...Pearl and Pearl dyed colors


Material Grab Bags...$3.00 ea.!!!

Medium Bug Leg Set...These are almost like round rubber in look and feel (straight). old style. ONLY 15 SETS AVAILABLE!

Closeout...Croc Eyes...Normal $1.35 per 20 pack NOW $.50 per 20 pack while supplies last!

  New Videos  

Fly Tyers Dungeon...has been offering quality and unique fly tying materials for over 40 years and on the net since 1999. FTD is home of unique fly tying materials manufactured in our 'Dungeon' facility. Since we are a manufacturer we have the best prices...anywhere!!!

Our product lines are OUR product lines, we don't carry other manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers products. We control everything, including our low prices which are the best in the business. We also offer a unique dealer program and a dealer newsletter. If you wish to be on the dealer list please email me directly at and put in the subject line...Add to Dealer List. Please include the email you wish to receive the dealer updates.

We ship worldwide and have customers in over 45 countries and dealers worldwide.

To keep up to date on FTD news, new products and our specials sign up for our e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook as we post everything that is FTD right there...FTD events, news, tying videos, images, new products, test materials, specials as constant FTD updates are happening!

From time to time we have the ability to due custom work especially in the dubbing line in colors, blends, bulk etc. Please contact us at: (minimums may be required) for custom requests.

Gift Cards available

If you prefer the old format/web site it has been uploaded to the web address below. Update changes will be made to it shortly. The SSL will be attached in a few days. (8-8-2023 update).

 Hi Floar Fibers Dry Wing and Tail Fly Tying Materials for Dry Flies

Box 699 - Florence MT 59833