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UV-X Fly Tying Materials from Fly Tyers Dungeon Home of Unique Fly Tying Materials bringing the future to the present!

I am updating the web site with a small logo next to each color of fly tying material that is UV-X. I am in the process of making as many of FTD tying materials UV-X compliant as quickly as my little hands can make them. Many non-UV-X materials that are available now will become UV-X in the near future.
Fly Tyers Dungeon...
has been offering quality unique fly tying materials for over 30 years and on the net since 1999.

Home of unique
fly tying materials manufactured in our "Dungeon" facility. Offering quality fly tying materials and selected fly fishing products at the best prices...anywhere!

We don't carry other manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers products as these are found EVERYWHERE. We offer our own product lines. We control everything, including our own LOW price structure which is the best worldwide. We have unique and different dealer programs.

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NOTE..if a drop down menu is associated with a product and it says ' Out of Stock' it means that particular color/size is out of stock and NOT all the colors/sizes.

Big Game dubbing brushes. These are 100% Tinsel brushes 7" width made with Northern Flash and a small touch of Starburst. Made for large baitfish patterns targeting larger predator fish such as Northern Pike, Musky and various Saltwater species. 12" long brushes and 7" width...$6.00 per brush. There will be 24 colors to choose from. These are made when ordered.

  Holiday Gift Boxes

Dec. 15th is the last day to purchase these Holiday Gift Boxes.
Update 12-7-2019 7:15AM
Christmas Box - 3
Mega Box - 7
Mini Bug Box - 1
Prey for Predator Box - 5

One of the new lines of Big Game Dubbings at FTD. Clyde has 2.5 to 3" long fiber length, soft and supple with Pearl Starburst fibers for added sparkle. Made specifically for use on baitfish and streamer patterns but also for making nymph bodies as you can tie fibers, twist and wrap a body. This is a 'Lined' dubbing with all fibers in line with each other for easy use. This allows easy to tie in with little or no waste.
Similar Dubbings sell for $3.00 plus per pack!
25 colors to choose from or purchase a complete color set.
$1.35 per full pack or $32.40 per 25 color set.

 Big Game Dubbing - Clyde


Gift Cards available

2019 Halloween page

Dubbing Brushes are in the stage of 'Development in Progress' Some are available now at:
Dubbing Brushes

  Fish Shanks are here!!! 6 sizes to choose from:
Short 1/2" - Standard 3/4" - Long 1"
X-Long 1-1/2" - Ultra Long 2" and Predator Long 3"

  Prey Eyes...closeout
I am offering these eyes at a discount. These are exactly like the Fisch Eyes but with a different pupil and to one side. $.45 per pack of 20 (normally $.85 per 20).

Prey Eyes...Fly Tying 3D Eyes - Fly Tyers Dungeon Fly Tying Materials


Realeyz Fly Tying Eyes - Pearl Green Realeyz...A new fly tying eye with more depth and realism. Two colors and two sizes to start. 8mm and 6mm...$1.00 per pack of 20.


New Frawg Eyes in 8mm Flat Orange New Frawg Eyes in 8mm Flat Orange

14-40 Legs are available...22 colors. These are a very nice size for many medium to large flies...nymphs, streamers, dry flies and Bass Bugs. Color images not up yet.

Beetle Body dubbing sets

This dubbing is ideal for making beetle bodies...mainly the under belly and legs as well as tying those basic panfish flies and the thoraxes of various nymphs.
The dubbing is made up of very short dubbing fibers with approx. 1/2" legs blended together. The dubbing itself is 90% legs with some dubbing used as a binder. A little goes a long way! The legs are Micro Legs...approx. 1/2 the size of Mini Bug Legs!
6 color set for $5.25
Colors in set: Brown - Green - Rust - Pine - Purple - Black

Beetle Dubbing - Fly Tying Dubbing - Fly Tyers Dungeon 

5-13-2019 Closeout...Sea Dragon Dubbing
Found some more packages. Colors...Pike Red & White, GT Olive, White Ghost, Yellow Phase, Big Horn and Brown Leech are available
We are closing out Sea Dragon Dubbing for $.50 per pack for stock on hand. We have other streamer dubbings that match this plus due to low interest and longer production time we have decided to eliminate this dubbing.
Go to: Sea Dragon Dubbing for colors and ordering.
$.50 per pack

NEW Streamer Dubbing Brush Video by FTD

Fly Tyers Dungeon's NEW e-commerce web site is available at:

Two locations to buy FTD materials!!!
You can still purchase products here and also at the ADDITIONAL Site!
I encourage purchasing from the new site for technical reasons.

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