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$0.01 to $24.99  -  $3.75
$25.00 to $49.99  -  $5.00
$50.00  to $74.99-  $6.25
$75.00 to 124.99 - $6.50
$125.00 and up - FREE via USPS
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$150.00 and up  - $22.00

Box 699
Florence, MT 59833 USA
Phone: 406 396 3949

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Fly Tyers Dungeon
Producing Quality Tying Materials for over 25 years and FTD on the net since 1999

FTD is home of unique fly tying materials, manufactured in our "Dungeon" facility. We offer quality fly tying materials and selected fly tying products at the best prices you'll find... anywhere.

FTD manufactures its own line of fly tying materials right in "The Dungeon".

We don't carry other manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers products as these are found EVERYWHERE. We offer our own product lines. We control everything, including our own LOW price structure which is the best worldwide.

Please read the
About page about FTD. To keep up to date on FTD news, new products and specials please sign up for our newsletter. A dealer e-newsletter is available upon request as FTD offers a dealer program.

I have mulled this over and have decided to offer a special service. From now thru Dec. 15 I will make up special Fly Tying Boxes at your request and offer a 20% discount on the Tying Box when all all the items are tallied up at FTD retail price. This is the catch. I pick the materials that I believe will make up the best for that particular Tying Box.

For example...someone requests a Dry Fly Tying Box targeted toward small to medium Mayfly and Caddis Patterns...I will pick the best materials in the best colors to make up that box (dubbings, elk and/or deer hair, mayfly tails, wing and post materials etc). I just need the amount you wish to spend.

If someone wants a large attractor dry fly box, small nymph box, medium streamer box, Bass Bug Box, bonefish box, steelhead box, Alaska Box etc. let me know what you want and the the dollar amount you wish to spend. Once I receive the request I will get back to you quickly with confirmation, payment info. If I have any questions etc. I will contact you. Call or email. I'll see how this goes.

There are 7 FTD Fly Tying Videos are now up on the FTD Facebook page.
Fly Tyers Dungeon Face Book Page

NEW... ET Glow Fibers on Synthetic Hair Page

  • Just Arrived...H2O Flash in Holographic Gold & Silver!
  • Orange and Bright Yellow E.T. Glow Fibers!
  • Pink E.T. Glow Fibers in stock
  • Congo Glow Hair Blend in stock
  • Elk, Deer, Antelope Hair in stock
E.T. Glow Fibers - Unique Fly Tying Materials - Fly Tyers Dungeon
E.T. Glow Fibers - Day
E.T. Glow Fibers - Unique Fly Tying Materials - Fly Tyers Dungeon
E.T. Glow Fibers - Night

Holiday Gift Boxes available.
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(limited quantities...shipping starts Nov. 15)

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Fly Tyers Dungeon
Box 699 - Florence, MT 59833 USA
Phone: 406 396 3949