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$200.00 & Up - $28.00

Fly Tyers Dungeon (FTD)
Box 699
Florence MT 59833


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  Fly Tyers Dungeon...
has been offering quality unique fly tying materials for over 25 years and on the net since 1999.

Home of unique
fly tying materials manufactured in our "Dungeon" facility. Offering quality fly tying materials and selected fly fishing products at the best prices...anywhere!

We don't carry other manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers products as these are found EVERYWHERE. We offer our own product lines. We control everything, including our own LOW price structure which is the best worldwide. We have a unique and different dealer program.

Please read the About page about FTD. To keep up to date on FTD news, new products and specials please sign up for our e-newsletter. A dealer e-newsletter is available upon request as FTD offers a unique dealer program.


Attractor Dry Fly Special!
  This is a simple & easy to tie great attractor dry fly that floats and floats!
Watch the video FTD's Facebook or YouTube
Make your own Hi-Float Attractor with FTD's Attractor tying kit below. You get the following at a great price!
  Hi-Float Attractor Tying Kit
2 Hi-Float Wing Fiber Dun
2 Hi-Float Wing Fiber Caddis Tan
1 Hi-Float Wing Fiber White
1 Hi-Float Wing Fiber Orange
1 Pack Krap Dry Fly Dubbing Tan
1 Pack Krap Dry Fly Dubbing Olive
1 Pack Krap Dry Fly Dubbing Yellow
1 Pack Krap Dry Fly Dubbing Orange
1 Dungeon Juice Fly Floatant

Special Kit Price: $10.00
(FTD Normal price: $13.45)



NEW Baitfish Box...Baitfish Box #2 (Freshwater)

FTD Warehouse for Unique Fly Tying Materials!

Fly Tyers Dungeon Bottom Dweller and Northern Lights Big Baitfish Flies


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Fly Tyers Dungeon - Unique Fly Tying Materials and Fly Fishing Products
Box 699 - Florence MT 59833