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Fly Tyers Dungeon (FTD)
Box 699
Florence MT 59833

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UV-X Fly Tying Materials from Fly Tyers Dungeon Home of Unique Fly Tying Materials bringing the future to the present!

I am updating the web site with a small logo next to each color of fly tying material that is UV-X. I am in the process of making as many of FTD tying materials UV-X compliant as quickly as my little hands can make them. Many non-UV-X materials that are available now will become UV-X in the near future.
Fly Tyers Dungeon...
has been offering quality unique fly tying materials for over 25 years and on the net since 1999.

Home of unique
fly tying materials manufactured in our "Dungeon" facility. Offering quality fly tying materials and selected fly fishing products at the best prices...anywhere!

We don't carry other manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers products as these are found EVERYWHERE. We offer our own product lines. We control everything, including our own LOW price structure which is the best worldwide. We have a unique and different dealer program.

Please read the About page about FTD. To keep up to date on FTD news, new products and specials please sign up for our e-newsletter. A dealer e-newsletter is available upon request as FTD offers a unique dealer program.

FTD uses Facebook to update events taking place, news, tying videos, images, new products and materials  etc. Follow FTD on Facebook as constant updates are happening!

Dubbing Brush Link: Dubbing Brushes

This has been a long tradition at FTD offering very affordable Holiday Gift Boxes at great prices for the upcoming Holiday Season. Go to the Holiday Gift Box page and see the value..from $12.50 to $25.00 with the
NEW Mega Box at $145.00 (similar items in retail stores would fetch over $1000.00!!! for this box)

These gift boxes are 40% to 50% plus off OUR regular low prices!

(NOT UP to 40% to 50% off..these ARE 40% to 50% off)

  Holiday Gift Boxes Left
11-13-2018  11:00 AM MST
Christmas Box - 5
Christmas Grab Bag - 26
Mega Box - 3
Private Stash Box - 16
UV-X Tying Box - 10

This is on a first come first reserve basis as I will have limited Gift Boxes for the holidays available.

Holiday Gift Boxes available in limited quantities!

This happens a few weeks every year

* NK Flats Dubbing...specially made for tying crab and shrimp patterns for bonefish and permit.
We have added some new colors of:
*Private Stash NK personal colors with LOTS of Legs...GREAT DUBBING for streamers.
* Pseudo Peacock Dubbing...soft 'Peacock' color base dubbing
*New Holographic colors of H2O Flash are in stock...Green, Flats Blue, Root Beer, Blue & Pink,
*WC Gator Tails...Orange, Olive, Yellow, Medium Red & Claret
*H2O Twist in Pearl Dyed Colors...Pink, Turquoise, Purple (more coming)
*New colors of MayFly Tails...Yellow and Olive to start.

Fly Tyers Dungeon's NEW e-commerce web site is available at:

Two locations to buy FTD materials!!!
You can still purchase products here and also at the ADDITIONAL Site!
I encourage purchasing from the new site for technical reasons.

6 Colors Thorax Dubbing Mini Box $2.50

  Simply Scud Dubbng Mini Boxes - Fly Tying Dubbing - Fly Tyers Dungeon
Simply Scud Dubbing in Mini Boxes 
13 color set (2 Mini Dubbing Boxes and 1 Mini Bag)...$5.00/13 color set


Fly Tying Material Grab Bag...
$10 of FTD fly tying materials for $3.50. A nice little Stocking Stuffer.



Bulk Dubbing Bags
I found some Bulk Dubbing Bags in very limited colors and quantities..only 5 Bulk Bags per type and color listed These are approx. 5 to 6 normal size packs into a Bulk Bag at 50% off if you bought normal size bags. VERY LIMITED!
$3.35 per bag


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Box 699 - Florence MT 59833