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  Streamer Brushes...
FTD offers various Streamer Brushes made from our own FTD materials. These are long fiber brushes for large predator fish such as Northern Pike, Musky, Bass etc.

Big Game Streamer Brush Flash...These are made from the Northern Flash blends with a touch of Starburst fibers. approx. 8" overall fiber length and 100% tinsel brush for a loud presence in the water made for Big Game fish. Flows beautifully in the water, durable with wonderful color blends. 12" long brush in fish colors. A few wraps makes the fly 'Loud'.
Price: $10.00 per brush

Big Game Streamer Brush Spirit... A wonderful streamer brush using BGH Spirit Blends (mixture of different Spirit Fiber colors), Northern Flash and some Starburst fibers. These are beautiful streamer brushes. Approx. 8" overall Fiber and Flash length with nice flow and movement in the water. 12" long brush.
Price: $12.00 per brush

Fly Tyers Dungeon - Unique Fly Tying Materials and Fly Fishing Products
Box 699 - Florence MT 59833