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Fly Tyers Dungeon (FTD)
Box 699
Florence MT 59833

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  What's New at Fly Tyers Dungeon...

FTD is always testing, Experimenting and playing with potential new fly tying materials as well web site upgrades, better prices etc. This is the FTD "News" page.

FTD News
  NEW...3 new colors of Congo Hair
I have added 3 new colors of Congo Hair and renamed one. New colors are: Bimini Aqua, Hot Neon Pink & Light Neon Chartreuse. Renamed Hot Pink to Fuchsia. Hot Neon Pink and Light Neon Chartreuse are HIGH UV-X!!!
Congo Hair

NEW..or Back in Stock! Skeeter Fuzz
The finest and easiest to use dubbing..period. Tie size 14 to 28 dry flies. This is GREAT dry fly dubbing. A Favorite of Dick Talleur.
Skeeter Fuzz
NEW...10mm Fisch Eyes
3 colors of 10mm Fisch Eyes...Hot Pink, Orange & GLOW in Dark! $.75 per pack of 20!
Fisch Eyes
NEW...H2O Flash Colors
7 new colors of H2O Flash...Aura, Turquoise Blue, Tan, Brown, Lavender, Purple, Yellow Gold...$1.25 per hank over 1200 8" strands per hank.
H2O Flash

NEW...Bright Yellow Congo Hair
Congo Hair
NEW...Baby Bug Back
This is Bug back BUT is only 1/8" wide instead of 1/4" wide. Ideal for medium to small flies and comes in 11 colors with 5 feet per pack for $.75 each
Baby Bug Back

Nymph Test Dubbing
Two new colors...'Hares Ear' & 'Hares Mask'
Hares Ear is a mottled darker color to imitate the darker color of the fur from an actual Hares Ear. The Hares Mask color is a much lighter and tannish color to imitate the actual color from a Hares Mask. Many different color blends and ultra mico legs to make up Hares Ear and Hares Mask.
In stock and available just click on Nymph Test Dubbing

7 New Congo Baitfish Blends
Bronze Crawdad - Brown Trout - Gray Sand Crab
Madagascar Blue - Red Sunfish
Walleye #1 - Walleye #2
Congo Baitfish Blends


  Attractor Dry Fly Special!
This is a simple & easy to tie great attractor dry fly that floats and floats!
Watch the video FTD's Facebook or YouTube
Make your own Hi-Float Attractor with FTD's Attractor tying kit below. You get the following at a great price!
  Hi-Float Attractor Tying Kit
2 Hi-Float Wing Fiber Dun
2 Hi-Float Wing Fiber Caddis Tan
1 Hi-Float Wing Fiber White
1 Hi-Float Wing Fiber Orange
1 Pack Krap Dry Fly Dubbing Tan
1 Pack Krap Dry Fly Dubbing Olive
1 Pack Krap Dry Fly Dubbing Yellow
1 Pack Krap Dry Fly Dubbing Orange
1 Dungeon Juice Fly Floatant

Special Kit Price: $10.00
(FTD Normal price: $13.45)



NEW Baitfish Box...Baitfish Box #2 (Freshwater)

FTD Warehouse for Unique Fly Tying Materials!

Fly Tyers Dungeon Bottom Dweller and Northern Lights Big Baitfish Flies

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